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Merchant Statement Analysis

An "Apples to Apples" Comparison

Our no cost and no obligation statement analysis illustrates a "broken down to the penny" comparison of your true current rates and compares them to the rates we would offer.

This service is available to all interested parties.

Identify True Cost

Next, we will take a closer look to uncover those fees that exist which are set by the Networks and Card Brands and will separate them from any markups and "miscellaneous" fees.

Utilizing A Current Merchant Statement

To begin an effective and accurate statement analysis, we utilize one to three recent statements in order to identify monthly volume, transaction count, total fees charged, and any recent trends, and fee structures.

Identify Current Rate

We now have a clear picture of what your true cost, markups, any "miscellaneous" fees, pricing structure, and more based on the statements that were provided

to us. 

Identify Current Markups


We identify and illustrate any markups that may exist within your current setup and expound on what impact they may have on your business. 

Illustrate Savings with VERITAS vs.

Current Provider 

We will show you all our findings as well as show you how our rates compare and will make any recommendations and will answer any questions you may have.  

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