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Richard Graber, founder of Veritas Consulting, is the son of Hungarian immigrants who came to the U.S. in 1956. Richard learned a great deal from his father, a welder by trade, who built a successful business in the steel manufacturing and custom fabrication industry. Richard is a small business owner, performing artist, student, nonprofit administrator, grant writer, real estate investor, volunteer and author. A graduate of the Ohio State University, Graber has garnered recognition in critically acclaimed productions. Well versed in organizational development, Graber founded Veritas Consulting with the intention of becoming  a reliable and trustworthy resource to business owners in helping them identify the best payment processing solutions to help grow their business and doing so with integrity, honesty and credibility. His network includes professionals who have over a decade of experience in the payments industry and are credentialed with the Electronic Transactions Association’s Certified Payment Professional (CPP) designation. 
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"Veritas is a customizable payment processing alternative offering Merchants more choices and a wide array of options. Ultimately, we aim to save businesses money with honest advice and practical solutions. We strive to build long-term relationships by helping businesses cut unnecessary costs while maintaining and fine-tuning existing services with excellent customer care." 
– Richard Graber

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